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    Kensington Queensmill School is committed to ensuring staff possess the skills needed to meet the very discrete needs of our pupils, through a range of appropriate training.

    The robust and comprehensive training provides staff opportunities for their own professional development in their knowledge of autism, specific subject/curriculum knowledge and other relevant knowledge related to creating an appropriate education and environment for children and young people with autism.

    The training and development at Kensington Queensmill focuses on two main areas:

    1. Providing a focused and up to date knowledge of autism and best practices for working with children and young people with autism
    2. Providing a focused and up to date knowledge of subject areas/curriculum and current educational strategies
    Safeguarding and Autism
    • Induction training
    • Safeguarding & Child Protection Training
    • Autism Awareness Training
    • Total Communication Approaches
    • E-Safety
    • SCERTS
    • TEACCH
    • So Safe
    • Team Teach - physical intervention training
    • Makaton
    • Sensory Integration Training
    • Intensive interaction
    Curriculum and current educational strategies
    • Regular subject moderation meetings
    • Ongoing Training into subject areas and curriculum – where possible also related to Autism/Special Needs
    • Opportunities to observe other settings related to subject areas/curriculum
    • Subject leader monitoring and feedback
    • Systematic, Synthetic Phonics (SSP) 
    • Assessment procedures, Onwards and Upwards