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    Family Support

    Kensington Queensmill Family Support

    The Family Support Practitioner at Kensington Queensmill is Anita Allotey who is also a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.
    In addition to this role Anita is also the key person in the management of the school’s Medical Tracker programme which keeps detailed records of pupils’ medical needs.
    As the school’s Family Support Practitioner Anita provides a link between home and school for our students, working collaboratively with parents and carers.
    Anita’s role includes providing support through:
    • Maintaining the Medical Tracker programme
    • Home visits
    • Workshops and coffee mornings
    • Sign posting to relevant services
    Anita is also able to assist in the following areas:
    • Emotional and wellbeing support
    • Liaison with the school nurse
    • Completing referrals for parents who request to consult with the school nurse
    • Liaising with the Borough Vaccination team via the school nurse
    • With support from the Therapies Team, transferring and modelling autism-specific strategies from school to home (e.g. PECS, TEACCH, Sensory Strategies)
    • Behaviour management strategies with support from class team
    • Preparing for and attending medical appointments
    • Preparing for and accessing community activities
    • Transition to adult services
    • Advising on and facilitating access to external support groups
    • Completing charity applications/grants for special equipment
    If you require any further information on the Family Support offered by Kensington Queensmill please contact the school on the main number
    0203 745 7044 or send an email to anita.allotey@thequeensmilltrust.com