Message from the Head

    I am delighted to be Head of School at Kensington Queensmill.

    The opportunity to open a new specialist provision in purpose-built facilities and in partnership with Kensington and Chelsea and Queensmill is a unique and exciting one. We know that young people with autism and other specific learning difficulties (SLD) are diverse and require access to the best resources, curriculum and adults.

    Staff at Kensington Queensmill are highly trained and hugely experienced in supporting young people. They are driven by an ethos of being child-led and the positive valuation of individuals and the contribution they make to the communities they are part of. We know that managing their needs requires a structured and predictable environment. We are fortunate to be based in purpose-built facilities that have factored these considerations into their design and we invest heavily in staff so that they are equipped and knowledgeable in enabling young people to achieve, whatever their starting point.

    We are confident in the way we work with young people with autism and SLD, however we are always seeking ways to improve lived experiences and life outcomes. Kensington Queensmill has access to the resources, experience and research gained at Queensmill (Hammersmith) and is committed to continuing research and engagement with programmes exploring a wide range of topics. We work very closely too, with parents and carers, offering comprehensive support so that they are also equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to help their child thrive. Young people at Kensington Queensmill are safe and secure in an environment that is predictable and that they trust. Staff work hard to foster positive relationships and young people are supported by a range of adults who are caring, inquisitive, committed and aspirational. The school is committed to the use of expertise of occupational and speech and language therapists to ensure outcomes and firmly believes in the principles of a ‘team around a young person’, including families and professionals.

    I hope that you find this website informative and look forward to welcoming you to Kensington Queensmill in the future.

    Andy Nowak

    Head of School